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Let's Birth the Future Together

Donate today to ensure access to #ABirthCenterForEveryCommunity.

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Your donation will be used to:

  • Help BCE meet our goals of ensuring the opening of 10 new community birth centers by year end 2023.
  • Provide financial support, coaching, and community building to our 30 Capital Circle birth centers.
  • Support innovations in access to capital that ensures the financial strength and sustainability of community birth centers across the country.
  • Deepen and expand community birth center leadership for the health and wellness of all communities.

Since we began in 2020, BCE has:

Strengthened community birth center economic stability and sustainability. In our first year, BCE raised over $1M and distributed emergency rapid response and general operating funds to more than 25 birth centers led by Black, Indigenous, people of color. By the end of 2021, an additional $500,000 will be distributed to 30 centers.

Nurtured a powerful community of birth centers led by Black, Indigenous, people of color. Since our first gathering of more than a dozen Black, Indigenous, people of color birth center leaders from across the country, BCE capital circle members have grown to 30 centers and BCE has facilitated monthly gatherings.

Gathered invaluable information regarding the birth center landscape. BCE strengthened the field by conducting the first-ever survey of BIPOC-led birth centers’ economic sustainability, strengths and needs. A highlight of this survey was our finding that with a modest level of investment, 10 developing birth centers could open by 2023.